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…exquisite performance…
…astonishing panache
…the highlight…
…flamboyant performance…
…flair and personality…
…understated brilliance…
…exhilarating performance…


The particularity of the piece [Debussy, La Mer] is that it can be heard on two different levels : the luminous and theatrical orchestral color is carefully underlayed by elaborated structures. The exquisite performance of the work by the Stavanger Symfoniorkester, with a conductor who knows his Debussy in and out, confirmed this duality.

Morten Ek, Stavanger Aftenblad

Composer Magnus Lindberg came to the stage and showed a clear enthusiasm for conductor Valade and for the magnificent performance of his work

Arnfinn Bø-Rygg, Stavanger Aftenblad

24 March 2017
Translated from Norwegian.
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"Under Valade, the [London] Sinfonietta brought off faultlessly the challenging and mind-expanding extended harmony characteristic of [Georg Friedrich] Haas."

George Slater-Walker, Bachtrack
April 23rd, 2015


"Pierre-Andre Valade brought out both the ironies and the subtle rhythmic undercurrents of Ravel’s score (…)
Roussel’s 1930 Third Symphony, delivered with astonishing panache by Valade, might look beyond France in its musical references but, at the same time, its orchestral brilliance and clarity stamp it as French. Valade and his players delighted in Roussel’s touches of Mahlerian rustic as well as a rumbustious Finale."

New-Zealand Herald
March 31st, 2012


"…with Athelas Sinfonietta and their fantastic Chief Conductor Pierre-André Valade"

Neue Zurcher Zeitung
Nov. 16th 2010
Translated from German.
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"The Japanese premiere of Les Espaces acoustiques performed on August 25th by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of Pierre Andre Valade was the highlight of the festival this year… The calm design of the composer was matched by the intensely focused playing by the orchestra; and the audience was intoxicated until the very end."

Seiji Choki - The Performing Arts Journal
September 12th, 2008
Translated from japanese


"But the best of all was a vital, flamboyant performance of the Symphony n°3 in G minor by Albert Roussel. This superb work with its driving rhythms, unexpected colours and harmonic twists, received the orchestra’s finest playing on the night — testament and respect to a conductor who fully understands, and loves, this repertoire."

John Button - The Dominion Post (NZ)
March 14th, 2008

"It is impossible to forget the triumphal closing concert of the Biennale di Venezia…"

Alessio Tonietti - Sistema Musica
January 2008
Translated from Italian.
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"Pierre-Andre Valade’s conducting, with his intimate knowledge of the music of Dufourt, Grisey and Messiaen, excels in harmonising the colours and dynamics of the score. His work is pure gold…"

Gérard Condé, Diapason
December 2007
Translated from French.
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"Premiered in 2003, Voi(rex) has now an extension, Apocalypsis, for four voices and ensemble, who was given a triumphal reception at its premiere under the conducting of Pierre-André Valade. Voi(rex) being an innovating and ludic mosaic, Apocalypsis is a visianary and staggering fresco."

Pierre Gervasoni, Le Monde
June 11th, 2006
Translated from French.
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"…this performance by the London Sinfonietta, conducted by Pierre André Valade, shows how powerfully original Stockhausen’s imagination really was."

Andrew Clements, The Guardian
April 22nd, 2006


"Under the expert conducting of Pierre-André Valade, who mastered the works to perfection, the twenty musicians [from the London Sinfonietta] gave a demonstration of pure professionalism…"

Juan Krakenberger,
Feb. 1st 2006
Translated from Spanish.
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"The orchestra [the Mulhouse Symphony], presented in its large scale (numerous brass) glittered also under the conducting of Pierre-André Valade"

Harry Albreich, Crescendo n°79
November-December 2005
Translated from French.
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"The musicians of the co-commissioning ensemble [London Sinfonietta] gave an impressively eloquent performance, with Pierre-André Valade being one of the conductors of the premiere performance, thereby ending an evening that fully achieved its purpose, namely to show up the continuity as well as the wide scope of expression in Birtwistle’s work."

Erwin Hösi,
Nov. 6th, 2004


"…with Pierre-André Valade and Martyn Brabbins mastering its complexities better than any composer has a right to hope for at a first performance"

Andrew Clements, The Guardian
July 23rd, 2004


"Even in a routine performance, Stravinsky’s ballet, 93 years old, can still get pulses racing. But in an account as polished as Pierre-André Valade and the Philharmonia delivered, the work showed its true colours: revolutionary, brazen, with a visceral and imaginative force."

Geoff Brown, The Times
April 22nd, 2004


"The concert concluded with Stravinsky’s Petrushka, sounding fresher and more expressive than usual in its 1947 incarnation. Known in the UK primarily as a conductor of post-war music, Valade is equally expert in that from the first half of the twentieth century. …the expressive acuity of the two ’interior’ scenes [of Berio’s Stanze], in particular, demonstrated a flair and personality that ought to secure this conductor a re-invite outside of ’festival time’.

Richard Whitehouse,
April 20th, 2004


"The two conductors, Pierre-André Valade and Martyn Brabbins, controlled the shifting temporal layers with practised ease, and made a potentially bewildering complication seem lucid and darkly compelling."

Ivan Hewitt, Daily Telegraph
Dec. 2nd, 2003


"[Theseus Game] was given an exhilarating performance by the London Sinfonietta under Pierre-André Valade and Martyn Brabbins."

Barry Millington, Evening Standard
Dec. 3rd, 2003


"The performance under Valade and Brabbins was spell-binding."

Andrew Clements, The Guardian
Dec. 2nd, 2003


"Ligeti’s Chamber Concerto is a study in precisely shining chords and murmuring textures interrupted by eruptions of fierce energy and intensity. The Sinfonietta’s performance under Valade was miraculous for its delicate balance and transparency throughout the four movements."

Peter McCallum, Sydney Morning Herald
Jan. 13th, 2003


"The BBCSO performed effectively and idiomatically with Valade’s cool and relaxed conducting reflected in confident interpretations of these complex scores to affirm his position as one of the most experienced conductors of this repertoire."

David Murphy,
December 5th, 2002


"All three pieces were vividly accompanied by the Northern Sinfonia under Pierre-André Valade."

Rodney Milnes, The Times
June 22nd, 2002


"Binding Harvey, Britten and Holst together was the carefully graded conducting of Pierre-André Valade."

Andrew Clements, The Guardian
June 22nd, 2002


"But the real heroes of the weekend were the players of the Sinfonietta and especially Valade, who conducted the bulk of the concerts with understated brilliance."

Tom Service, The Guardian
April 24th, 2001


"The causes of all the works here are hugely assisted by the persuasive advocacy of the Sinfonietta under the direction of Pierre-André Valade whose increasingly high profile in British musical life is most welcome."

Steve Lomas,
April 2001


"The Sinfonietta’s performance [of Sur Incise] under Boulez’s protégé Pierre-André Valade was arguably the best yet."

Matthew Rye, Daily Telegraph
March 28th, 2000


"Throughout, the London Sinfonietta were directed with considerable sang-froid by Pierre-André Valade."

Laurence Hughes, The Independent
April 19th, 2000


"…expertly conducted by Pierre-André Valade…"

Conrad Wilson, The Glasgow Herald
Feb. 4th, 2002